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French source text

Le packaging est une dimension principalement visuelle du marketing.

On lui associe spontanément des éléments comme l’identité graphique et visuelle, en laissant peu de place à l’expérience sensuelle mais qui a toutes les raisons de ressurgir : comme une sorte d’incursion dans le packaging pour donner une expérience plus tactile de la consommation.

English translation

Packaging is principally a visual dimension of marketing.

Elements are spontaneously read into it, such as graphic and visual identity, leaving little space for a sensory experience. This misses out on a valuable interaction in the purchase decision: a tactile connection for the consumer.

Translating is more often about getting the meaning and purpose right than finding the exact corresponding words.


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  • UK national press standard
  • Copy editing
  • Proofreading


  • Phonetics for better speaking
  • English exam preparation (Bacc, Gde Écoles, …)
  • Techniques & Practice


Excellent rewrite of online course information and an associated LinkedIn article.
Nigel Dawson — Business Development Manager
University of Cambridge Judge Business School
Our sector has a requirement for extremely precise terminologies and Marcel Wiel provides a great service.
Lucile Devictor — Marketing Project Manager
SUNPARTNER Technologies
Pleasure working with Marcel Wiel. High level of attention to detail and a proactive approach
Rebecca Chan — Marketing manager
Accurate native speaker translations. Getting to know our business and key messages was never rushed.
Thierry Agard — CEO
Flock1 luxury packaging
Extremely constructive advice regarding my CV that helped me secure interviews; Marcel Wiel possesses keen analytical and critcal skills.
Jade Maillet-Contoz — Political and Security Risk Analyst Intern
Hozint - Horizon Intelligence
Growing list of translation work after excellent first service.
Marc Messina — Director
E-Messina Communication
Very satisfied long-term client for content writing — articles, blogs, web content.
Grant Dain — Director
Dain Internet Consulting
Constructive comments that made my CV better leading to more interviews; Marcel Wiel has excellent analytical and critical skills.
Nathan Chebre – R&D Hard Materials Intern
Hilti Group