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The port of Marseille where companies source translators by Googling "French English translation Marseille"
The international port of Marseille

For a Marseille-based company, just Googling “French English translation Marseille” won’t be enough to source a reliable service provider.

Granted, the search will list many translators based in the region. What it won’t do though is guarantee the two essential competencies required for producing a high-quality French to English translation:

  • Accuracy in translating from French
  • Good English content writing skills

Thanks to over 20 years’ experience in Journalism, I make sure my clients get the best translations in context-appropriate English.
Marcel Wiel
Translator & Journalist

We all know that first impressions are crucial — and especially so when communicating with potential customers. Introductory written exchanges and English content on sites, therefore, need to be flawless.

My professional experience at The Guardian as a deputy editor also involved training up teams of subeditor and this enables me to also correct errors — in particular, those hard-to-spot ones involving an accurate but inappropriate choice of words.

If you’re a company in Marseille and need a high-quality translation service, avoid errors by just doing a search for “French English translation Marseille”. Get in touch to discuss how I can make sure your English content reads correctly. 

How to avoid being “Lost In Translation”

Firms in Marseille need to avoid communicating with a poor French to English translation
A poor translation is immediately obvious to a native speaker and can be costly to correct

The words we use to communicate key messages are important and especially in a business environment, this process needs to happen in the most efficient way possible.

Although for translated text this underscores the need for accuracy, the fact is often word-for-word translations invariably just don’t sound right.

Depending on the context, the translator will oftentimes need to let go somewhat of accuracy in favour of the copy reading correctly in the target language, with consideration given to who will be reading it.

For instance, accuracy is much more important for an aircraft engine specification sheet that aims to inform than for PR or marketing content that aims to persuade.

The example below illustrates this, with the target audience being potential customers reading a company website.

French source text

Confiez-nous, le plus tôt possible vos projets. Une coordination anticipée est un facteur-clé de succès en termes de gain de temps, de qualité de réalisation et de coûts. Notre laboratoire R et D est à votre disposition pour vous assister dès la phase de mise au point des créations.

Inappropriate word-for-word translation

Entrust us with your projects as early as possible in the process. Advance coordination is a key factor to success, in terms of gaining time, increasing product quality and controlling costs. Our R&D lab is at your disposal to assist from the very start of developing your creations.

Why this translation doesn’t work

  1. “Entrust” and “creation” : correct for meaning, error for context / usage (biblical).
  2. The sentence with “advance coordination” sounds like a robot is talking.
  3. There’s a confusion between at your disposal and on hand, which don’t mean the same things.

Correct, native speaker translation

Please contact us as early as possible during your design process so as to ensure optimal collaboration around time-saving, product quality and cost control. Our R&D lab is on hand to assist at every stage of product development.


  1. The second translation doesn’t insist on having exactly the same number of sentences as the source text.
  2. It lets go of needing to translate every term in favour of getting the meaning right.
  3. The translated text reads as if it isn’t a translation.

MW Communication’s main strength is providing high quality English content for translations from French. Contact us for more information.

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