English needs for French web developers

Following a training session I delivered for WF3, my web developer students  reported these English language needs:

  1. Oral practice exercises
  2. Understanding tutorials on YouTube
  3. Understanding technical words
  4. Learning vocabulary
  5. An ability to communicate in writing

For more information on WF3 training, visit https://www.wf3.fr/. For more information about my English language training, please contact me at marcel@mwcom.fr

French subtitles for English video

What I love about this video is how simple yet extremely effective it is in linking the Lancôme brand with progressive values around inclusion and anti-ageism.

It also ticks some very important boxes for video marketing content, namely:

  • a very natural and unflashy look
  • breviety
  • star quality

The orginal video had embedded English subtitles. I translated these and so the video can be appreciated by French speakers.

Video with French subtitles

Video is often much more engaging, that text content and integrating embedded subtitles improves its SEO ranking.

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Avoiding the overuse of “very + adjective”

Even for native speakers of English, building up a rich vocabulary can be quite challenging. Much easier for instance to use very + adjectif rather than struggling to find “le mot juste”.

The table below is a handy guide for this task.

A word of warning, however: the alternative to very + adjectif must be appropriate.

Eg, using swift with car just sounds wrong.

One can have a swift journeya swift recovery and a swift runner, but for car one would rather speak of a speedy car.

This example underscores a highly complex aspect of the English language, all the more so as one can speak of a speedy journeya speedy recovery and a speedy runner.

Here, the rule is that speedy can be used to describe anything that goes fast – animate, inanimate or process – as can swift, but in the latter’s case not for something that is mechanical (car, plane, etc).

Only native speaker translators translating into their mother tongue have this level of instinctive linguistic sensitivity. In fact, it is this type of extremely detailed and particularly picky aspect of our work that gives us the most job satisfaction.

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Tableau d'alternatifs à very + adjectif
Credit : Proof Reading Services